Meet my Monsters .. Dragon, Slime not Mother XD

I’m going for some RPG Monsters now.

Here my first one ^^


i started the a dragon now (here is the start of the head… needs a lot of detail work now)


some small progress


Dragon is coming out nice, but i am not sure what this first thing is…

thanks ^^ i’m doing the body at the moment i will post it later on

the first one is a mix of slime and jelly ^^" a very weak monster :wink: there will be different types … one in red and one in silver two :smiley:

teeth :evilgrin:


hahahahahahahahahahaha! at quick glans i thought the title to this tread was “meet my mother” thats funny… sorry work is making me a little loopy :stuck_out_tongue:

heheh :wink:
but hey some mothers are dragons … :smiley: or slimy yuck

i added a body draft and the wings ^^