Meet Sniff

Throw myself to the wolves here ;} I have this character I’m making and, well, he looks too friendly… any suggestions to make him a bit meaner but without going overboard. The pupils are just placeholders.

I would start by changing the “puppy dog eyes”. Maybe add small tusks?

I’m not really a tusk kind of guy, the eyes are the problem I think, and the mouth looks like it’s smiling

Give him a snarling nose and mouth, and I think add more wrinkles in the area around the eyes. Try to think of where adding more angular features would be appropriate. The overall smoothness and spherical nature of the back of his head doesn’t help you accomplish a threatening look.

Notice the use of more angular features in the character on the left. It makes him look “sharp” and threatening; especially compared to the character on the right–who consists of essentially more “rounded” lines–making him look innocent and “cute”. I think that’s your problem here with Sniff, to some degree.

Here’s another image of the character on the left (Cluny the Scourge), in case it helps you set some goals for your character.

Next time you’re watching any cartoons, watch for how different details and angular or smooth features help to communicate different types of character. You’ll be surprised how much it’s used, and how effective it can be. :slight_smile:

eyes can say so much here is a pretty dark picture of a wolf with only an eye visible and it says trouble.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I have made a few changes which I think I am headed in the right direction, I’m not trying for evil, more angry and a suggestion of a short temper

Big improvement!

I may as well keep this going to the end. Started color textures.Normals, spec and hair comin’ right up


You could give him heavier brows, too. Take another look at the cartoon wolf A. Tim posted to see what I mean.

Thanks for the suggestion, I might look at the brows in the morning