Meet the Carrot.

How do you like my Carrot?

I first started using blender about a year before it became open-source, but I never realy got into it until a couple of month’s ago (slow learner :o). I bought some books and a couple of books are still underway and I finally am slightly getting the hang of it.

This is my first real serious project. I started it a couple of weeks ago and worked on it a couple of times. I’m rather satisfied with the result of the modeling. Now I’d like to render it, but I just don’t have a clue of where to start. I red a book and some tutorials on it, but it didn’t help me much. The book was just a bit too the theoretical and the tutorials to simple (for beginners). Could somebody give some (step-by-step) hints on how to texture a carrot? :wink:

that’s pretty good! there was this awesome uv tutorial about making an apple, i’ll try to find it for you but we’re glad u joined the community!

edit Found it!
turns out it was on this forum!

you’re going to want to retopo the head so that there are loops around the mouth.

Just to add to what Framedworld said, that’s only necessary if you’re going to be posing and animating it. Nice looking carrot though! Keep up the good work.

I like the carrot, it reminds me how much I loathe carrots. Looks like you followed the Pixar looking eye tutorial. I love that tutorial, I used it on the blob in my DP. You have successfully doused my hatred of carrots, well done. You should add lattices to the eyes. EXPRESS THE CARROT.

venar303: Thanx very much for the link. I’ll see what I can do with it. (It could take a while before I post another update on this model. I dont want the texture to be to realistic. It’s supposed to be a cartoony character.

Framedworld and Mr_Morten: I’m not going to animate this character. Thats just a bit out of league for now. I’m gonna concentrate on modeling and texturing for now. I just ordered a book on modeling and hope to learn lots from it.:cool:

Dakka Dakka: What are lattices and what do I use them for? :wink:

ooo its looking very good :smiley:
keep up the good work :spin:

looking good so far :slight_smile: nose and textures could do some work


:smiley: just nit-picking but, meh:

Felix_Kütt: I joint the two triangles.

Further: I still don’t get what the use is of a lattice when I don’t animate the character.

How do you like my new render with textures? I’m not entirely satisfied with the current textures, but I don’t know how to get them better. I took two images of carrots and used the clone tool in the Gimp to fill the hole texture which I exported from the UV-editor. :wink:

I think you need better lighting as it is a bit dark. Perhaps more towards the level of lighting that Venomgfx uses (google his site). Also, carrots have little wrinkles/indents periodically along the length, again I suggest you google some references or grab a carrot from the fridge. Finally, carrots are a wee bit translucent, so perhaps you could try some SSS?

actually, this is nothing bad, the texture is fine too, and this character deserves to be animated :frowning:

oh, and are you using the SSS on this one?

i might sound a little specific and nitpicky, but i think carrots are more orangish, that seems to be more on the peachy coloured side. but yeah, we can call it stylish.

Good joob, try the toon shader?

Thanks, man! I don’t think this characters is properly modeled for animation. And I don’t feel ready for animation just yet. Maybe I’ll come back to this character for animation when I’m better at it.

I made a render with SSS on. Maybe the color is a better shade of orange now too. :wink: