Meet the 'draguu'-------(webisode -1)

hi guys
have a look at my 1st webisode…
done in blender2.5
hope you like it

u can find other works on my site

keep animating


aww thats really cute lol great work on the expressions makes it really easy to like the character :slight_smile: looks really well modelled and rigged :slight_smile:

i think the hay roof looks a little odd just because of the style and the shadow it casts.

i actually felt a little sorry for the little guy when it dawns on him about the bomb lol :smiley: awesome work :slight_smile:

that is a great work! really nice style and the animation is really really good and characterizing! (i don’t know if this work actually exists, but i mean that you gave the character a real will and emotions!)

only one thing for me is not perfect. is the movement of the bomb-bone in the mouth of the charcter. it looks its flying sometimes, when the dragon moves its mouth and open it, the bone has no weight. however is a minor problem, and for the rest, big congratulations!

anyway… poor little draguu!! i was crying at the end you are a real bastard :smiley:

thanks guys

hehe that is so sweet =)