Meet the Pyro

It is DONE!
BlenderArtists WIP link here.



A bit too much gore for my liking, but the character design and animation was superb!

you nailed it!

hehehe…thanks :smiley:

yep 5 from me as well, superb.

The characters were definitely on the low poly side, which may have been to keep a “game look”, but the environments were detailed, sooo… Anyways, the characters still looked good, and the animation was GREAT!!!

PERFECT!! :smiley: 5*! the only crit i have is when the pyro is leaning over the control console with all the screens, there is some srs deformation problems on its back. this rly is top notch tho! animation is superb and the syncing of the sound is excellent!

That’s because all of the models are from Team Fortress 2. Just about everything without the pyro in the scene was animated by valve (although what you added was good as well).

By the way, I really laughed when the pyro pulled off the mask and turned out to be the announcer. :slight_smile:

OMG, hilarious vid! I’ve been watching the process for quite some time and it turned out perfect. You earned your 5 stars buddy :smiley:

That’s the first meet the pyro I see which is not a fan trailer or a rick roll.

This is epic. Indeed.
And it shows all the power of blender in recreating situations made with other programs.

How did you import the tf2 models? Did you decompile them?

well done, TF2 ftw

Damn! That was funny :smiley:

You’ve done a really god job making this short movie!

Hi thanks! I didnt import the models from tf2, I remade it straight into blender. Texture came from screenshotting and xnormaling you can see my WIP above to see how i did it :stuck_out_tongue:

…you did a pretty damned impressive job, in that case. :slight_smile: That pyro model is spot on.

Aw I didnt make it into the credits… =(

Great video dude!

Eeek! Your right! I’ll put your name there now :smiley:

Wow. I had to look back through the WIP before I’d even believe it wasn’t made by valve or someone. Great work. All that animation must have taken forever.

Good renderings and every thing, really like the look. It fit the valve style that way. But the way the video worked didn’t seem to fit with the other “Meet the …” videos. They focused more on the character themselves, less on how the interacted with the other characters. Great models though if you didn’t import them, that would take a long time! All together well put together though. :yes:

Great work man, I can’t believe you remodeled all those, they’re spot on, although the shaders aren’t quite as soft as the ones on the original models which makes some slight inconsistencies, but still great work overall.

I posted it in the TF2 forums, I hope you don’t mind. D:
(don’t venture out of that thread for your own safety, the TF2 forums are a hive of anger)


Made it to the Blender site’s News Headline! Thanks for all the support guys! =D