meet the sea god Poseidon .....

hope you like it …



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Wow, you are starting to become one of those artists that I’m always waiting for the next piece from!

What are you aimed at? Winning this competition twelve times in a row or anything like that? :smiley:

There are so many great submissions this time, but, in my opinion, yours is - again - on a unmatched level. I take pity on the other guys :wink:

edit: one little thing though, the crown seems to be a bit too flat, it nearly looks like paper…

Very good composition.
Some glitches here and there, but it still scores VERY high!

Ooh, I like this a lot. The image is strong enough to carry the minor texture and modelling issues as it is. With some additional tweaking, this could be a masterpiece.

Good composition! Great modelling!

It needs anti-aliasing! (which actually it completely lacks of)

I’d suggest to add more contrast: the underwater effect is superb but it doesn’t meet you can’t get the lighting a little less flat…

Beautiful work by the way!!!

Nice work.

So how do you get those large pictures to attach on this forum? When I try to attach a long image file it always gets scaled down by the site.

You obviously have great skills, but some element are lacking of detail and can still be improved (as th crown, the particles and textures). In another hand, the compositing is just perfect and i really love the result :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to see a little more illumination of his face, perhaps from a bluish-green light … basically, an introduction of a complementary color into the existing scheme. (If you happened to use compositing, or output a MultiLayer file with lots of object-selection features turned on, you might be able to adjust without re-rendering.)

The hot-spot of the sunlight (which seems to be white when perhaps it should have a slight tint?) seems somewhat-overwhelmingly hot. There’s nothing to balance it except the same-colored light coming out of the god’s eyes. You really can’t see his face at all.

As I write this, I’m also fiddling around with the possibility of cropping some material off the right side, basically cropping just to the right of the curved object that bends upward toward the fish high above.


thanks guys …

i have tried my best and finally i come up with this … i know this time lots of things i left …
here is the final image

hope you like it and thanks

and ya lol m not into winning this comp. twelve time its just i like blender and my job …

thanks again guys …