Meeting Room/Corona Render

My first test with Corona Render and Blender


Julio:great work!

Veeeery nice! Very nice!

Yeah, Corona is not Cycles… Now i see why the latest Corona is not free, and cycles is free… - no any noise, very cool and smooth light… Corona is cool…

@marcoso Thanks

@milosfehir Thanks

@easydream Yes I love Cycles, but Corona is better

Awesome lighting.

So, Julio, any cool resources that you can point us to learn properly to integrate Corona / Blender?

A making off of any of your scene?

Thanks man and awesome work!

Superb as usual Julio!
So, how do you find Corona, render time, manipulation etc? Keep going.
akanoe :

Thanks Bud!

I think this can help you.

What about the nature of the lights? And the material settings, are they easy to setup?

With Corona is everything easier and better then Cycles.