Meeting webstreams??

(Timothy) #1

Are there any more webstreams of the meetings around the world?

I know the one from the montreal meeting, but we want more!!! :slight_smile:


(wewa_juicyb) #2

Kib how about just posting all the links in one post (when you finish collecting them) that way it’d be easy to find them.

(IngieBee) #3

I keep timing out. Is there something wrong with my settings, or are you all actually broadcasting? Also, I can’t seem to get any of the static .mov files???

Can ya let us know if something is actually up?

Thanks, Ingie

(MoreK) #4

Amsterdam webcast is up’n’running right now, I see Tons speaking (althoug audio could be little better, I’ve got hard time to catch what he’s saying).

(IngieBee) #5

Please tell me how you got it going? I have set it to quicktime pref, streaming transport, use rtsp and have tried both port 554 and 7070 am I missing something, should I do something else? Thanks a ton, Ingie

(MoreK) #6

See this thread:

It IS port 554 in QT client settings. But I think 7070 should work too. The trick is to ensure that you can receive ports 6970 and 6972 (maybe ports 6971 and 6973 too?!) in your PC. If you have a personal firewall, let those ports come through in settings. If you have Linux firewall (or any other) between your home LAN and Internet, you have to route those ports to your PC.

I hope this was any help. Good luck!

OH YES and click the IMAGE LINK, not the URL TEXT LINK! After clicking press Play in QT client. The text link does not work for me either.

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(IngieBee) #7

I have windowz XP running and I don’t think it has any fire walls, unless there’s something new… that I don’t know… stupid OS likes to out think you, ugh, I was on that thread, trying things out, but no avail, thanks for trying to help though :stuck_out_tongue:

(MoreK) #8

Did you try clicking the IMAGE link (instead of TEXT link)?

(IngieBee) #9

Yes, I can’t think of anything else, I’m going to reboot and see if it makes a difference??? When all else fails… in windoz, reboot, LOL. I wish I could get my modem to work on my linux box!!!

(IngieBee) #10

You know, when I try to auto configure, it says that UDP traffic could not be recieved, and sets it to http. But then I get connection failed??? Oh well, I’m about to give up and just hope they’ll have it down on tape somewhere so the rest of us can see the presentations :-? :frowning:

G’nite, love Ingie

(kino) #11

even if autodetect go to http put it on UDP, it work for me

if someone have saved the stream from Montreal please write


(theeth) #12

sadly, we couldn’t save the stream from the Montreal meeting and broadcast it at the same time, so I really really hope someone managed to save a copy.


(IngieBee) #13

All I can say is:

Old fashioned Video Camera!!!

Ah well, too late Can’t wait to see whatever was saved for downloading!!!

Love Ingie

(theeth) #14

Last minute news: I heard from one of the camera owners (we had two video camera, but only one streaming) that some of the material could be digitalized and put online on the web. more details later.


(kino) #15

yesssss , thank’s theeth