Mega City Takedown / Judge Dredd

Hi folks. I’m excited to share my latest project, “Mega City Takedown,” a sculpt of Judge Dredd getting his man.

While the core sculpting was done in Mudbox, I used Blender at several key points during the project: Base meshes, retopology, UVs, some texture painting, PBR materials development, and finally rendering in Cycles:


You can also explore the model in 3D over at SketchFab thanks to their great integration with .blend files:

Here are some stills from the creation process. This is my first character sculpt and was a great learning process. I welcome any and all feedback. You can see even more at my portfolio,

thanks all!


Nice Work, man! :wink:

Thank you!!

Great result overall, congratulations! BTW, why didn’t you use Blender sculpting from the very beginning?

Thanks Jubi. Yep - I started this project as an exercise to learn Mudbox. No doubt I was really inefficient with my subdivisions because I really brought that software to its knees on more than one occasion and had ram and even SSD storage issues and my experience with Blender sculpting is that it’ll bog down even sooner. That said, I’m starting my next sculpting project this week and my plan is to use Blender for the entire process as a compare and contrast. I definitely like both the Blender sculpt and texture painting tools and they’ve come a huge way. Stay tuned…