[mega]Curious (7/13 - More updates: New renders in 1st post)

Here’s a quick one partly inspired by recent mega Orange activity…


Pure high end Blender 2.37a :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for looking,



New image # 1

New image # 2

New image # 3

7/13: 2nd round of updates (more alternate renders and angles):

New image # 4

New image # 5

New image # 6


Nicely done.

The nostril area looks really odd to me. Just doesn’t have a very good flow to it. Also, I think you pinched in the corners of her mouth a bit too much. Makes her look like she is puckering her lips.

Great shader work though, again.


wow… nice render, very original!

scary. Try working on model topology.

Nice!!! :smiley:

Though I don’t particularly like the model itself, the shader just makes it beautiful. :slight_smile:

BgDM: Thanks! This was more of a shader project than anything else. Model could definitely use some tweaks in the areas you mentioned. I was experimenting with some RVKs too, so the mouth is sort of in an in-between position.

jazzroy: Thanks!

kroopson: Not meant to be scary, but not cute either :wink: And I was just thinking topology is such a fun word to say :slight_smile:

Lemmy: Thanks!

I also should say, there’s a little intentional camera distortion present (set at 25).


your shaders kick some serious butt … … but blender’s renderer shows some jaggies.

Thanks tedi. There are a few jpeg artifacts here, and OSA/subsurf could probably be higher. I’m using a soft buffered shadow lamp for primary illumination, so higher samples can help there too, and, when all else fails, a larger render scaled down does the trick :wink: I just might try that tonight if I get a few minutes free. Lots of stuff in the works :wink:



Several new images have been added to the first post after tweaking the model, raising OSA and subsurf levels, adjusting lighting and materials. No post processing, just titles added.

Thanks again for checking out my stuff,


great shader. could imagine people would like to know how you did it.

i think the cheeks are to big.


new image #2 rocks!

i think human head modeling is one of the hardest things to tackel
and you have been advancing tons!

keep it up, and you will be a jedi master…

those shaders are truly highend!
great job!

cekuhnen: Thanks! I was going more for a stylized look in this one. The shaders are all Blender toon materials with a couple of ramps used in conjunction with a few lights to help bring out certain highlights.

Wu: Thanks Wu :slight_smile: It IS one of the hardest things to model, and it’s something I still practice to this day and will indefinitely in my 3d stuff since it’s so important to do well and get right. Haha, “jedi master… Yoda… you seek Yoda” (@ndy) :wink: I’m still very much a padawan…

@ndy: :smiley: Thanks so much @ndy. I’m excited about Project Orange and hope to get involved in whatever way is possible. Your megagirl was superb, as were the other “mega” works by LohnC and basse. Works like those help underscore how powerful and versatile Blender already is.


I like it :slight_smile: the nostril needs some work though, as BgDM mentioned.
and hey you can even do hair without any alpha texture :smiley:

:slight_smile: the new image #2 is nice… one thing that bugs me is the eyebrow… they are too tubeish. (if that’s a word)


Very nice work, once again, RobertT. I like the camera angle of the lower-right “frame” on the third image, where she’s kinda looking at the viewer. Makes the viewer think that she might be “curious” about them. The later images are an improvement, model-wise…

Interesting combo of materials & subject matter - metallic hair. Its this kind of “out-of-box” thinking that I love about your work. Every new piece evokes another “That came out of Blender?” comment. (Well, yours and basse’s…) Keep it up!

Job: Thanks! I made numerous edits and tweaks between now and the first post, so check out all the new images :slight_smile: The hair was more of an anime style, and that fun doing all that by hand.

basse: Thanks basse! Yes, I saw what you meant and tweaked that a bit too. I wanted this to stay toony, but the shape should be a little better now :wink:

mzungu: Thank you very much mzungu. I really enjoyed this little character/texture study. I might use her again for a more complete character.

I just added even more alternate angles and material renders in the top post, and, just as before, no post processing with these, just titles added.