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Hi !

Here is my latest personnal work ! (And my first attempt at using cycles)
Comments and feedbacks would be really appreciated !

Wow, sweet atmosphere! You could increase the contrast a little, making the top half of the image darker.

I like the feel of the scene, one small point of advice, if it’s gonna be one single image, the big pipeline with the white part could really use some extra geometry to make it seem more roundish, 12 vertecies is a bit low-poly for something this big, this close to the camera, a subsurf would do fine :slight_smile: again Great fell to the scene.

Awesome! Great colors!

Thanks for your comments !

Here is a new version

I don’t like the smoke. Any advices ?

Yes, change your mind! The smoke is great. I just took a more in depth look into the image and saw that small shed.
Made me realise the scale of the thing. I don’t quite understand what those things that are floating around are so I
hope you explain to me. One note though, The molten steel that’s coming out in those huge strands is too uniformally
colored. Molten steel should have some imperfections from the cooling and hardening of the edges and stuff like that.

Wow that looks good . R u shoure thats ur first. Do u use unity if not ushould try it it a game long did it take u.


This is the latest version. I will move it to the finished works topic.
Is there something that should be fixed before I move it to “finished works” ? (especially color grading)

The title will be “Fusion”

OMG how did you get in my head?


I think the image is about there, but I do think that if you’re already making use a paint program to add the smoke and such, it would be nice to also use post-production to enrich the less saturated colors seen in the center. (Not too much, just enough to make the colors look a little less faded).

5 star in my book

implementation = great
Design great

feels alive and looming,
makes me think of mans infinite potential ,
to create to destroy, or to destroy to create :slight_smile:

The glows, on walls, from the pipes is too even - look for some pictures of steel works and founderies; you’ll see that there are subtle, yet distinctive colour changes and gradients.

This image is really good, and looks almost real.

Making those changes would imo make it look real.

This is the best example, with a decent resolution, that I could find - there are lots available to check out though.

It isn’t 5 starts, not yet, but it could be.

Awesome awesome work man. I love the latest render but I think the foreground should be more well-lit. If you kept the lighting from the second render and dropped it into the third, I would think this is totally epic. Right now it’s just 98% epic. =D

I am making a game, and your style matches what I am going for,
think you could drop by team projects and check it out?
give the modelers and artists some pointers?

this scene is almost the exact style I am going for,

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