Mega man WIP

so after some time and many mistakes i felt i would start this project again. My past attempts failed due to my poor modeling skills.

The buster is done except maybe some minor texture work.

ill start work on the body and armor soon

so feet and lower leg armor is done

might do the body or helm next

been busy lately and pushed this back, but i got some work done

Looks good. the body seem a bit flat though.


here are some references if you don’t have any. It’s a good start and the color scheme looks good, but he does look a bit flat as Chuk_Chuk said, but also, his boots look a bit small. Hope the images help some. Keep updating! :slight_smile:

Hey if you dont mind can you post thumbnails for your images here plz? Or just upload them into blender artists…either way…

Not bad of a model, as everyone else said, the body is a bit flat.