Mega noob, Afew questions please

Hey. I found blender while searching for a 3d-Modeling software. I have afew questions.

I got this while trying to find a way to make movies like this one:

1: How do i export Ships/models? Like if i make a fighter model and want to copy sevreal for a movie?

2: How do i delete meshes after i make them?

3: How do i change the size of a Cube?

4:There is this annoying Cube that appears whenever i start blender in the middle of the screen. There is a Purple dot in it. How do i uncenter the dot and focus on my model so that i can work better, or just get rid of the cube?

  1. Once i create my fighter models, battleship models, or import models like ships, How do i animate them or select them?

  2. The noobiest question of all: How do i texture stuff?

Welcome to the forums!

To answer your questions, check out this website:

It has explanations on just about anything. If you don’t find something there, I would recommend doing a google search, or a search on the forums to answer your questions before posting.

I agree that you should first make the effort of getting such basic knowledge on your own. If you make that minimal effort and come back with some questions about the points that are problematic to you, people will be glad to help you.


Start by learning how to model.

Blender’s a big program, if you try to learn everything at once you’ll probably just get bogged down and confused. You can use built-in procedural textures and materials to give your models some color and texture.

Next, learn how to rig and animate. Keep the rigs simple at first, rigging can be a career all by itself.

Finally, learn how to uv map painted or photographic textures onto your models. This involves Blender + other software (Gimp, Photoshop, etc.)

This is a nice tutorial that will walk you through the beginning stages.

Hey also to get you up and running there is a link to an updated list of video tutorials in my sig, The best I have found for introduction is blenderunderground. Hope that helps some.

1: instead of exporting do a duplication (shift + D when your ship is selected)
2: press delete to delete a selected mesh
3: press S and drag your cursor to change the size of any mesh
4: again delete the cube to get rid of it
5: i dont know, i cant animate
6: texturing, it is hard to explain… you might want to find a tutorial on it
Hope this helps!:slight_smile:

never use delete you must use X. X is the ultimate delete key!