megacrash [Yeah me too]

started some fun blending at workshop too with @ndy, was reallyu not paying any attention to what i was making, but decided to finish and post it =P

pure blender render, just trying out toon shading for a change, its…interesting =O

absolutly amazing!

one of the best cg renders i’ve seen with blender or any other application.


Do I smell death? ^_- Very Clean, but whats that on the floor?

Btw no hightech visor? =_=

sexxxxxyyyyyy prettyyyyyyyy

And so technicaly perfect… good job… Can you push more details vues ???

wow, you are talented!!


Have you ever read, erm, Battle Angel Alita (JP: Gunmu)? Just needs some power skates and she’s ready for the Motorball circuit.

Absolutely stunning! Anatomically perfect (despite very skinny legs). I can’t spot any technical flaws either. I think the image would benefit from adding a shadow in the the top-left direction and getting rid of the (almost) invisible one which is currently there. Just a subtle gradient would suffice.

I did a mockup here (hope you don’t mind):

You guy are having a ball doimg this stuff!!

I hope some of this anime/manga/game style end up in project orange.
Btw I like @ndy’s megagirl but, yours wins for sex appeal. :smiley:

Really great but, as blendermax has suggested, a better-looking shadow would make it flawless. If the Orange Project will look anything like this, then I’m going to be first in/on line to buy it :wink:

A very nice model. I hope one day ill be able to make such models lol. But i imagine the answer would be " just keep modeling lol" I first have to decide myself to start trying it lol

Very nice model. I like the toon shading too.

is that AO under that shader?


Nice… ehm… can I request a wire??? hehe… great work… love the styling.

thanks for the great replies guys!

didnt have photoshop on the PC i had there, and with the lighting not liking me putting a shadow on the floor much i would usually d othat in PS, but ofcourse didnt get the chance.

Didnt really spend so much time on it, but maybe when i get back home i can finish the image off etc 8)

Very cool and sexy!

I’m wondering about her pose though, is she waiting for something to happen? %|
… or did she just cut the cheese?

Great peice Lee. Nothing from me to crit at all.

Just keep this stuff coming.


I’m not dissing the picture, i think its great, the high quality work of a highly compitent blender user, but why is everyone getting excited about anotomical acuracy?

Oh, and what is project orange (i dont browse elysiun that often)

great work lohnC. That pose suggests a lot of nice things to me… like perhaps, a star athlete, watching the game, about to explode into action :wink: … and those are some high end toon shaders…

Hey LohnC! That’s awesome work, much better than @ndy’s IMHO, only thing that seems strange is the eye(s)(maybe because of the angle?), and she has no expression(may be too much to ask…)…Good job man, keep it up!

cheers for replies and words of encouragment! =D

Cativo: long time no chat! yeah i tried a smile and other things btu it just didnt work, my reference picture too had an expression just li8ke that, i felt it worked better then any other. Oh and the eyes, yeah well i am getting used to toon shading maybe heh, or i really wasnt paying attention when i was blending >_<

TheANIMAL: well, this model is actually completely opposite to accurate. i aimed for a more anime style body, so its nowhere near real anatomy but excadurated anatomy is fun too :wink:

EDIT: oh TheANIMAL is kansaas_15 or whatever it is? heh, somebody wants some love from the internet communty a bit :wink: your not new to elysiun! =D

Wow, man, this one is really cool. Well done. I love the character as well as the modelling style. Good colours too.

I just dislike the pose, it is interesting but I think a more sexy pose would be more interesting.

Are you gonna give her a nice motorcycle or so? :smiley: