MegaGlest Game Trailer Animation

Ever heard of MegaGlest? Check out the game trailer and join the fun!


Is this just a mock trailer or is this something that you have worked on?

I have worked on this (me my dad and brother) we have done quite a bit, my dad is one of the main developers.
Me and my brother do the 3d art. (models textures) and we made some “Scenarios” as well.

Ok, so if this is the MegaGlest game then where the original Glest game?

You can Download “Vanilla Glest” in the Ubuntu software centre if you are running Linux.
(I did not make a preview for the original Glest game because I was not involved in it’s development)

Oh. I see. So how big is the game going to be?

What does that mean? The game “is” done. Visit the website in the video.
The only thing the game gets now is updates. It is already finished.

Didn’t see that one coming. Didn’t know that it’s already done.

There were a few bugs in this first animation which I have fixed

1-Walking Animation in the first scene.
2-Viewers may thing “Tiger Studios” Made the game due to the logo in front.
3-Video to low quality
4-Flag in the last scene did not flap naturally.
5-Not enough people fighting in the battle scene.

And that’s it I will update the first post soon with the new version video.
Thanks for the feedback.

I fixed all the bugs that I had listed.

Check the first post for the new video!

Feedback and a like would be appreciated!
Thanks guys!


Feedback Please.