Megalomania - Beach Resort

The Megalomania Beach Resort: the place to be for mass tourism.
Lots of space, beach and nature…Come and enjoy a stay in our resort.


Nice work! Did you make a making of? Did you use any add-on? render?

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Thank you. I didn’t make a making of. I used the addon scenecity for this and rendered it in cycles.

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Interesting concept. You seem to have become rather adept at evoking the tropes of scfi/speculative fiction in a way that is easily identifiable to those familiar with the subject matter, and also satisfying to see visually.

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Thank you for your kind words.

I also like the way you nonchalantly advertise for the resort.

I had to tell myself it wasn’t a real place. You got me to believe that for a second! That is the best fun to be had in SciFi.

Do you draw inspiration from any particular authors/artists/directors/video games?

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Ha ha it really isn’t a place you want to go for a vacation i think. I first thought of naming it “Slum beach”. I got no particular source of inspiration maybe just everything i see and absorb and mix it into these creations. I do like it when a work seems rather normal but with a twist. That was wat i was aiming for in this work.