megaman? wip

i just had my internet connection back online just a while ago (damn those cable company and there treachery!) so i thought why not post what im working on.

the beveled edges look good cant wait to see more.


my mates nick name is mega man.

well heres what I’ve done so far, maybe I should call it subsurf man cuz most of them are subsurf…

why doesn’t it load the image in my pc

damit i should really work on my wip, i sometimes forget about them.

well this is pretty much idea of the body.

Nice start, although its a little hard to see what pieces are what at the moment, but it early days still.

That reminds me…I still have to finish off my Zero model…

Now here is Megaman!! :smiley:

sorry Rolando, but that does’t look like megaman, plis look at it once again and do a more faithful version. i think megaman fans as me don’t like changes, only those made by capcom

yeah guess your right…I dont think i’ll call it megaman anyway.