Megaman X Fanimation

Hey Blender community. I have just finished an animation that has been sort of ongoing between work, being a dad, husband and fighting ninjas for the last 2 years. Not to mention animating for Red Vs Blue Season 10 most of 2012. I did use Poser for the animation as mentioned in Blender Art Mag 23 a while back. But Blender was still involved for editing models and textures, making shape keys/morph targets, props, effects, etc. I got my start on Blender and that definitely helped me get where I am now. I hope you will enjoy this:

Holy cows, sweet! Some amazing animation, incredibly done!

Was that Axel in the Luminie color scheme? Anyway, that was amazing! I’m going to post this to Facebook! I know just the page to post it in.

sploiler alert!

Truly amazing. Good Work!

I personally would like to animate like that one day.

That’s pretty awesome! I’m shocked that you used Poser for the animation. Could you explain how you got the characters into Poser and rigged? Very cool stuff.

It reminds me a bit of Monty Oum’s amazing fan videos “Haloid” and the “Dead Fantasy” series.
And it’s a very good thing considering how very impressive Monty Oum’s productions were.

I posted this to the 100,000 strong For Bringing Back Megaman Legends 3 Facebook page yesterday and over 200 likes on the video from Facebook.

Awesome animation! really great stuff.

That was fantastic!! It was rather hilarious in the credits when it said “the guy at taco bell” xD

That is really fun to watch. Good choreography with the characters, and camera work. The music/sound really added a ton too. Nice job!

this is very well directed.

Rewatching i just noticed in the credits that Monty Oum helped with some “additional animations”.
No wonder there was something reminding me of his work :wink:

Did you make shapekeys in poser or blender? The animation is perfect, Even with shapekeys/morph targets I find very difficult to pose elbows, knees, or waist movement without weird deformations. It’s really all done with bones and shapekeys? (I am a newbie at animation :slight_smile: )

Very good Animation at professional level, Some of the best I’ve seen. Cheers.

Very nice. How do you choreograph/plan the fight… its so fluid. Do you storyboard the whole fight, or do just let it evolve as you’re animating?

man you beat me to it. I was going to do a mega man animation. i played the guy on my gameboy Ultra. Very sweet.

Just because one is already done, doesn’t mean that another animation can be done. There are alot of Megaman animations on Youtube. So just add another to the list and keep going!

really good animation! congratulations.

Don’t let mine or anyone else’s work slow you down. The more the better. That’s the idea I got from a discussion with an official Capcom employee too. We need to show more interest in MM to make them see a higher demand for titles. One way of supporting is dowloading the free Megaman X Street Fighter game. Even if you don’t play it, they watch the dl count.