[ Megaphone ] - [ 2 Minutes ]


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I search a Megaphone to make a video to urge people to take care for the next market-trade-crisis.
I’m beginner with blender, have you something for free (sorry …) like a megaphone or something like this ?
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How should we prepare for the next market-trade crisis, first?


First have at least 2 week of cash at home, ATM like it was in greece crisi will not be available.
2nd, try to put your money in several ways, not only in bank account.
3th, if you have a place to have 2 weeks of food could you welcome.
I live at Paris , and for the first time since 20 years Nissan, Fiat, VW , mini cooper (and some other) was not on the “mondial automobile”, it is huge move. Something is coming.

By the , Have you a megaphone for the video ? :slight_smile: