Megapthera Novaengliae [Humpback Whale]

Good evening, everybody.

Well here’s my latest WIP, a sculpt of a humpback whale. All dyntopo 4 now and not quite final as such even. Obviously still have to break symmetry and a few minor touches here & there.
Other than that, it’s all there, I guess, it has a mouth-cavity (if that makes any sense, not sure about the correct term) and a tongue, though no baleen at this stage. Seems highly unwise to even consider adding those in sculpting. Eventually, I’ll probably add 'em after retopo etc., via particle-instances and/or hair-particles.

Tricount is at 1878639 for now.
As always, C&C most welcome!


Awesome :slight_smile:

Great sculpt!

Truly a beautiful animal, and you have done it justice. Great work man.

Thanx, everyone.
Allright, so after approximately a mid-sized eternity (read: little time 4 private blender-work), here’s some visible progress!
I’ve finally churned through the retopo-process.

This is what the retopo looks like, shrinkwrapped onto the sculpt (not shown) after SubSurf lvl 2:

Next post is gonna include some wires, too…


double-post 2 add more pretty pictures :slight_smile:

Technically, there’s still some minor cleanup-work left (stuff isn’t always exactly shrinkwrapping onto the right side of the sculpt where the jaws meet), then I’ll see weather that pbvh-vertexpaint-branch which floats around somewhere might be helpfull 4 trying to add smaller detail which shoud go hand in hand with col-map-detail (e.g. scars from sharkbites or barnackles).

As usual, I’d appreciate any comments, critique, feedback…

greetings, Kologe

Remember tales on whales is like fingerprints, they are unique to every whale, so remember to paint it unique :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmm, you probably meant tails. :slight_smile: But yeah, tales are probably unique as well…