Megascans grass as cards

exporting grass from megascans, I’m not sure if i need to activate something or what im doing wrong but the grass just appears as flat cards.

For exporting I have checked pretty much every box to make sure i didnt miss anything, all LOD’s as well.

Anyone know what im doing wrong?

it seems like a lot of assets are coming in as cards

The socket is wrongs in the megascans addon. I’m not sure if it’s fixed in newer version, but you could try updating it.

It happened when emission strength control was added to the principled bsdf so it’s offset by one - the opacity map gets added to emission strength instead of alpha.

Yes a few sockets are wrong, and mostly no mapping. Hence why I made the Quixel Helper addon. Still quite a roadmap in mind for plants, decals, and basic particles.

ooOOOoo ty sir =)