Megascans lives!

Remember that joke I made in my poliigon thread? yeah turns out that was nullified just 4 hours ago,

it looks like Quixel finally released Megascans!

Basically it’s a collection of photoscanned textures and models.

Poliigon’s got a competitor now.

In a way though… doesn’t this devalue the rock essentials, just a tiny bit?

The beta for Megascans was awesome. I highly recommend it for populating scenes with good looking background objects and maps.

I am loving Megascan’s Bridge and MegaScan’s Studio :smiley:

Awesome. Been waiting for this for years, as I’m sure many others have as well. Very excited to see it finally being released. This will be a huge boost.

The link

Really excited about this - it’s been in the works for a long time now!

If anyone wants to try it out, they have a handful of free assets and textures. I played around with them for a bit tonight:

Amazing news i think this will change completely computer graphics environments !
Anyone know who to use the free plants fer textures for a particle system ?

it’s look really cool, and content quality seems much better than rocks essentials. For those who have given it a try, can you tell us about the geometry quality ? Is it heavy or nicely retopologised ? Also, do you know how you can plug materials to cycles ie, what kind of maps are provided by megascan ? Thanks a lot!

I don’t think that is a competitor, these are on another planet and it seems even cheaper, I think this is, only harm to others, but great for end users.

Stunning news i think this will change totally PC design situations !

My test.
Cycles - 1:30:00 render time - CPU