meh latest renders(1 scary lookin+1 panoramic)

as the title goes, feel free to comment, scary dude baked for 3h and the city for 1 hour in indigo, just might load better baked renders in the near future

ps. my obbsesion for silent hill has yet to calm down, might i be suffering from something?:):rolleyes:


Cool stuff. It’s kind hard to see the scary dude because the background blends in with him. It needs more contrast.

In the scary dude one, one fo the blood textures on the ground cuts off.

That city render is nice, I like it. Really cool style to it. Anyway, I think you could have done it in internal, if your just gunna leave it that grainy. Good stuff tho.

a little fix on the scary dude


Yay you fixed it XD

the scary one doesnt look too scary… maybe its just the lighting and the camera angle. Its also quite grainy, just let it render for a couple of hours =D