mehs verts isolated ?

i can list all the verts of a mesh but not individual isolated parts?

so is there a little script showing how to get the isolated parts of a mesh
and listing each part with the verts associated ?

and may be a way to delete an isolated part if required

thanks for any help

Could you explain better what you mean by “parts”? Your wording makes it seem like you mean components (x,y,z) but surely you’d know to just use a period like v.x, v.y, v.z.

To list the components of an object in general, you can use list(object) which will print it in the console.

object can be made with one mesh where all verts are link

but some times you may have indepedant island of verts
which are not link or are being disconnected from the main mesh

so this is what i would like to isolate with a script

in normal blender you would select a small group of verts then seperate these with one command
but how to get this with a script with some control

like listing all the independant parts
and may be able to select one part and seperate it !

hope you see what i mean


i will definitively do some testing on this

have to review these set and isdisjoint commands!
never really use these before but looks like an interesting way to do it

by the way have you seen a working versions of index visualiser in latest SVN
cannot find it anymore or i have an older version which does work 100 %

at least i would know where the verts index are located in viewport !LOL