Melbourne Blender Society - Late May/ Early June

Hello Australian Blenderheads- Next meeting has been booked for Wednesday 27 May, 2009.

It’s been a little over 6 months since we last met up to talk Blender so… I’ve updated the BMS website with news of an impending Melbourne Blender Society Meeting.

The AIE have volunteered to help out again, so we’ll be meeting on St Kilda Road at the Atari Building. In the interests of cramming in as much fun as possible we’ll need to get started at 6pm sharp. Arrange to leave work early if you have to!

Please spread the word, please post here if you’re thinking about attending or if you’d like to present some of your work… it takes a while to get this ball rolling and all feedback is helpful & apprecated :wink:

Cool! I’m happy to give a demo of a game I’m working on. It has some interesting physics/scripting in it. The topic is snails again; I hope you’re not tired of them yet :wink:

Since it will be freezing, maybe we should go somewhere for a warm drink afterwards?

I might make it this time - I’m just a beginner though, nothing worth showing.

Updated post: We’ll be meeting Wednesday 27 May, 6pm.

What a good idea! :wink: Does anyone know anywhere that serves hot drinks & nibbles along that section of St Kilda Rd?

I’ll be there, but it’ll have to be a bit later 'cause I work until 6.

Later is OK for me too.

count me in, could give a projection painting demo.

Thanks Ideasman - we’ll take you up on that offer :wink:

Sounds good, I’ll see you all there.

The Belgian Beer Cafe, is a short stroll from where the meeting is. That’s where we went last time, anyway.

I was wondering when another one was scheduled - I’ll be there too. Looking forward to see what people are working on.

One idea might be for people who don’t actually have anything to present - could submit images or WIP to be projected up - just an idea. That way even I might get something done!

That’s worth the price of admission right there. I’ll try to be there. Nothing to report from my end much, just some game work but looking forward to seeing what everyone’s been up to.


Well, things have panned out so that I can make it too! Should be a lot of fun meeting a bunch of BlenderHeads in person for a change.

I’ll be giving a bit of a talk on one of these two, probably the Steampunk Mousetrap project and how I did the procedural fire without volumetrics. I’ll try and bring a couple of things anyway in case people want a bit of a chat afterwards about general Blender type stuff. I’ve also got a mock (as in not commissioned by the ACB or anything) Ashes Test promo that I’ve been working on in Blender, should be very close to finished if not done by then. Mainly a texturing piece, but someone might be interested.

See you there!

The good souls at Blender Nation have been kind enough to spread word for us of the upcoming meeting. There hasn’t been much activity on this thread but I can assure you that my poor old email account has been buzzing. I’m about to post the list of speakers for the eve, so stop in at for details.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Unfortunately I’ll be a little late…September!.
Will anyone still be around?, should I just go straight to the pub??.:spin:

Please oh please film it! I live in Brisbane and would love to come but I have to be at work the next day, otherwise I would definately show!

I’m really, really interested to see the volumetrics tutorial. Please film it!

Just to clarify - I’m showing a way to do fire without volumetrics. Uses meshes, displacement and procedural textures.

I’m looking forward to volumetric fire just as much as anyone else, but the most advanced solution isn’t always needed. So, this is more of an option. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it all. i found the last one really interesting, particularly meeting everyone.


This is shaping up to be a good one.
My talk will be a bit of a mixed bag of various odd stuff for which I’ve used Blender.

I’m looking forward to the chats afterwards more than anything.