Melody>Low Poly Doggy/ tiny Animation. :)

Hello folks, this is Melody a female doggy, critique, comments and ridicules
welcome. :smiley:


low poly?

tis good animation tho nice style the noise even adds to it

thaks Steve, rmm …the decimator reads at 836 thats low poly I think :-?

great stuff, funny animation too.

great to see others using flash animation. if only more people knew their was a free 3d software like blender mabye more flash animations would contain cool models, instead of badly drawn stick figures, haha.

look forward to seeing more animations, how about a longer one for this little guy, with a cool cartoon dog house and back yard scene :smiley:

Glad you liked it Wu thanks, yeah I wished more ppl would try to branch out from doing stick figure animations, they get kind of redundant. I migh do a longer animation if I get a descent story idea for this character.