MeLODy + MakeHuman + SharpConstruct = Scary!!

update 06-25-06:


I cant do any custom lines or ridges in SharpConstruct, I think my computer is too slow, so I just used some of the base alpha maps and just dabbed on veins and cracks in it’s skin.

I was afraid, at 250,000 faces in ShapConstruct, I would not be able to import it back to Blender, so I renedered a Tangent Space Normal Map in MeLODy, and UVmapped it to a 5000 face head (heavily modified Makehuman head).

It is supposed to be some kind of warbreed mutant.


I wanted to put all those tools together but what I want to know is how you get the low LOD mesh as Melody doesn’t support poly reduction anymore. A tutorial would be great.


I didn’t use a lowpoly mesh, I just used the makehuman head, modified its basic shape, exported it to sharp construct, subdivided it, made the micropoly details, then used MeLODy to make a normal map.

I then applied teh normal map to the modified makehuman head.


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