Meltdown bake tools

:skull_and_crossbones: This addon is long dead. Please use something else. :skull_and_crossbones:

So, I’ve made a little baking UI addon. Download here. (zip)


  • PNG only for now. Will support other formats when I get around to it.
  • No real bells or whistles yet, but it should be able to do all that the default UI does while being more comfortable to use.
  • Images get saved into the specified folder. Make sure each pass has a unique suffix or the previous image will be overwritten. Also, nothing happens in the UI to confirm the bake was successful and this is normal (for now). Just look in the output folder.
  • If you add multiple lowpoly/hipoly pairs, they will all be baked in sequence to the same image. This is intentional. If you wish to bake more textures, add more bake jobs
  • In some places the scene is hardcoded, so don’t change or rename your scene from “Scene”. I’ll clean this up eventually, but there’s stuff I need to add first.
  • There are no sanity checks in place yet. Make sure your hipolys are on visible layers, your cages have the same topology as your lowpolys and they’re unwrapped, your cage is not blocking AO rays, etc. You don’t need a material on the lowpoly though :slight_smile:
  • Report bugs to the issue tracker on github. Or here. But I’d prefer there. If you post there, I’ll be emailed, and maybe I’ll fix it faster :wink:
  • I don’t think there’s much there that could break anything, but it’s probably a good idea to back up your production files before using this addon with them anyway.
  • Feedback welcome. Patches welcome. Criticism welcome.

Roadmap, in no particular order, with no particular schedule:

  • image formats other than png
  • vertex groups for lowpolys
  • material overrides
  • memory use reduction
  • antialiasing (unless it gets added as a core function first) done
  • material ID pass
  • curvature pass (if I can get it to work well)
  • custom passes


  • (06.08.2014) Added ability to toggle individual pairs, passes and jobs on and off.
  • (01.01.2015) Added antialiasing, AO secondary ray environment options. Margins now respect island boundaries even with multiple hipoly/lowpoly pairs.

Great Thanks Piotr,
Nice idea…
Bye bye.

Very good ! But, it’s break with my version. I don’t understand why. No shader on my object. It’s a simple test with a suzanne. Installed with your archive.

You can download my blend here. Thaks for your work ! ID Pass !!!
A gradient Top/Bottom can be possible ? You can see any example here.


Gradients are possible, but maybe it will be better for users to do that as a custom pass or a material override.

Edit: Just a sec, something’s still off.

Edit2: There. Now it’s fixed.

Works on a new project, can’t add a bake job on existing project, no errors printed in the console : (

Can I have an example file please?

Sorry, commercial project.

But it only seems to happen in a scene that appears to have more than one user:

I’m not even sure what that means and how to change that (clicking on the number does nothing).

Like I wrote in the notes, the issue is probably that you have renamed your scene, or the scene index isn’t 0. This is currently hardcoded because it was much simpler that way. I’ll be messing a lot with scenes later to reduce memory consumption with large numbers of hipoly objects and get features like antialiasing and material overrides to work, so I’ll fix this then.

Edit: I’ve bandaided the issue a bit - addon will still work only on the first scene, but the scene can now be named anything. More comprehensive fix forthcoming later.

very good))
I bake at once diffuse, normal, AO, Combined.
But during baking progresbar not working, Blender does not responding to the end of baking.
sorry for my english

Unfortunately I can’t do anything about Blender being unresponsive while baking, the API just doesn’t allow redrawing while operators are running.

@Piotr_Adamowicz I understand
I have another question How to cancel the baking?

For the same reason, you can’t. As much as I’d like to, there’s just no way for me to set up callbacks. I recommend using low sample values/resolution as a test and then ramping the samples up once you know it’s ok.



@Piotr_Adamowicz, ok
but it is a good addon
I like it)

You could at least change the name :wink:

Free bake tool ?

I’m kidding ^^ Why not easy bake tool ? Piotr’s bake tools ?

Meh. Mine is plural, yours is singular. The difference is enough, there shouldn’t be a namespace conflict.

Really? Nice job copying, name, UI and everything… you’re really good on it. :yes:
But i think it’s part of the Open Source spirit too. Good luck in it development, i think it will help a lot of users! :wink:

Pardon me? I haven’t copied anything from you. You haven’t actually released anything to copy from!

The UI grew from a little snippet Monio pasted (a pity he hadn’t posted more) and inspired by an xnormal integration addon by Felix Schlitter.

The name is a natural continuation of my previous addon, Sculpt Tools, and I’ve started on it before you announced yours. Moreover, it’s simply descriptive - that’s like naming your painting ‘Self-portrait’, or ‘Still life’, and then holding it against someone that did so too.

Your accusation is baseless and I resent it.

I’m sorry if i’m wrong about it and caused this misunderstand. I didn’t knew any of your references and you don’t posted before. And since your Name and pass UI is exactly as my ( as i posted in two videos, so there’s some to copy from indeed ) it was a natural conclusion. Since it’s not, looks like good UI designs go to the same way… Don’t give-me wrong, even if you’re copying something (what now i don’t believe anymore) i’m not pissed off about it. I really think it’s a great thing and will help a lot of people since Blender Bake UI is so bad, your Sculpt Tools had already helped a lot of people too. If there’s room for my Add-on it will be released, if not i will just keep using it as a in house solution as planned