Meltdown - BWC entry

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Hello everyone!

Been months since the last time I made a post here. Probably even exact one year, at the ending of the previous Blender World Cup. I had a nice second place last year, so I had to make something again.
It should be clear what you see here. So I’m not saying much about that, exept that we should do something about global warming (if there is really such a thing). I posted in finished projects, but I’m glad to hear your thoughts (positive AND negative) about it (I might be able to change small, but important things).


I made some little changes, mostly because of the comments. The rings are gone as is the heavy blur.
Thanks everyone!

I like what you’ve done except for the fact it’s politically correct.

Did the news of temps. getting to the freezing mark in parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin last night not make it to you, same with the surprise snow in the Austrian Alps or snow in New Zealand to the amount where it looked as if a ski resort had to dig out the chairlift?

nice entry. You won’t be beating me this time though! :smiley:

also, interesting subject. flame shield, ON

I like the concept. But water levels wouldn’t rise due to melting ice. It would stay the same, because the mass of the ice is already present. Think about it. Do an experiment at home, by placing ice in a cup of water. You’ll notice that as the ice melts, the water level won’t rise a millimeter.

But overall, the quality is 1st place worthy. Good job!

that would be true for floating ice, but I’m pretty sure the ant/arctic isn’t floating…

that’s a cool pic. maybe it’s just me, but I’m seeing two weird halo like rings roughly around the penguins.

Jack000, that’s a neat pic but, what in the world? why did you post that?:confused::confused::confused:

harhar, jackooo very funny pic. ahihi…
ATEMPORALSKILL, jack000 is a former member of fantastic 4, before he/she was a HUMAN TORCH, now he/she wears a FLAMESHIELD (shield with flames) hihi

Thats a cool (or hot) piece of work.

on topic:

I especially like the smooth color shift from hot to cold.

I also see these rings around the penguins. Almost looks like a wood ring texture composited over the image.

For my taste its just a bit too blurry and the transistion from sharp to blurred is too hard, most noticable around the tree top.

good luck in the competition !

(off) topic:
well the topic could ignite a flame war again, hope this wont happen.

But I have to add one piece, as it directly affects me

I happen to live directly in the austrian alps, so … what surprise snow :confused:

The water’s a bit too silky smooth and the waves/ripples are too big, but other than that its great.

enchanted, but in my opinion too much blur.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Cyborg Dragon: I think that is a part of the change in our climate. It is not that the world gets some degrees warmer, the whole equilibrium shifts. Some places get flooded and other places turn into a dessert. That might be the reason why those events you mentioned happened and were shown at the news.

Besides that, I’m a biology student and I’ve been very sceptic about global warming for a long time. And I don’t expect such a doom scenario as I drawn here. But I think we should change our lifestyle in such a way that we don’t destroy the world for our next generations.

Jack000: The time will tell us :wink:

Bigglesworth: Jack did hit the nail on the head. What about the ice that isn’t already in the water? Put your ice on top of the cup…

Atemporalskill: You’re right! It is indeed a halo. The sun is at the left top and there is another small ring at the bottom right. I added the flare for more detail, but very transparent because you shouldn’t become aware of it. Maybe they should be more clear, so that you know what you see, or they should be removed completely.

Ioramel: Thank you for those comments. The blur is actually glow and shouldn’t be there. Maybe some “correction button” of the blur node will do the trick.

TheANIMAL: I’ll try adding another noise texture :slight_smile: But I don’t think the waves are too big. They are infact quite small for such an big ocean.


Oh yeah, for a moment i thought it was some kind of pond or lake.

The concept is indeed intriguing. Visually speaking, there are parts of the image blurred (unintentionally?) which tends to unfocus our sight into what actually is being emphasized. But other than that, in totality, this is one piece worth days of looking at and pondering. :slight_smile: Congrats.

Probably the biggest environment issue caused by humans must be polluting the oceans. The climate gets a lot of publicity for some reason, but that has always been changing over millenia. You just adapt. But the ocean is a largely unknown, unexplored ecosystem that we throw our waste into. Not good.

Ok, the image. I think it has a cool naivistic sensibility to it. I like finding the “hidden” animals (is there a fish in the water?). But the postpro is a bit much, like the blur off the top of the tree.

Ok, I just rerendered the tree and the blur was gone. I don’t know how it got there last time, but it is gone now anyway.
(not in the render above)

I happen to live directly in the austrian alps, so … what surprise snow

The link has the story in English and a link to the actual story (In Dutch)

ok, let’s not turn this into political thread. please.

backiz: nice, i like how you also played with the sky there… but, i think it’s a bit too postprocessed looking, there is not a real focus, and i am not sure what those rings are for… i like the water, a lot… it looks very inviting, so for me there is some sort of strange double meaning in all that :slight_smile:

good luck with competition.


The scene looks great! I would definitely tone down the blur in some places though, it makes it harder to appreciate some of the details. Also I agree with Basse, if this is an image to say that we need to watch out for global warming, it isn’t working. I would love to step into that picture for a swim and then lay on the cool, wispy grass and watch the sun go down, playing pretty shades of orange and pink along the sky and waves. Mmmmm. Looks like paradise to me!

Cool pic. At the end, that iceberg looks like its going off the end of the world? Now you guys is like “wow, that dude is slyyyyy”.

I dig saving the environment, go for it man!!! Woo hoo!!!

woah! awesome
i really like how the water&sky&ice&animals look
good luck in the bwc!