Melting a metal ring

I have a ring currently that melts. I have it set to honey preset. It looks pretty cool with the right speed, but I was wondering if there was a way for sim to open up holes in the model and then come back together. I’ve noticed this with the water sim. Please let me know if this isn’t very clear.

Cheers, Jim

Definitively unclear… But I think I understood. You’re talking about the fluid forming streams which diverge and converge.

It should just happen. From the experiences I made to render the image, it depends on the surface on which the fluid flows. It seems it works better on curved surface with a lot of friction. Partial slip or no slip at all. In my image, the surface has no slip and you can see the reflection of the shape on the left. Spheres and cylinders. The fluid is simply the default honey… even if it looks like apricot jam. Yummy! :wink: