Melting Plastic Objects

As the Title says,i’m curious about whether there is any good methods of melting objects like Plastic,while i have searched around most tutorials on Liquid Sim are about melting a mesh against a flat plain and in my case that is not the effect i want. Basically i have a plastic mask and i wanted to replicate the effect of it being partially melted and distorted from heat, while a person is still wearing it, as opposed to just melting it against a plain. Cloth Sim works a little bit but doesn’t really get that somewhat goopy look that plastic gets when it starts melting even when i fiddle with the settings.

So is there any methods to get this melted sorta effect when a mask is attached to a face (either through a liquid Sim that doesn’t rely on a bounding box that it splashes into,or something else), the mask in question is rather high poly.)

TL:DR is there anyway to melt a plastic Mask that is already on someone’s face?

Can’t think of anything straight away but perhaps a keyframe that changes the viscosity of the fluid.

What version of blender are u using currently

Issue i have been running into as Fluid is that the fluid only really starts deforming or melting once it hits the bounding box,before that point it just sorta fall but retains its shape.

some images? some files?
where you at & what the final should look like?

NVM,realised Fluid needs to have other objects set to collisions for it to work,I elected to use scuplting instead as it lets me retain my textures (Is it possible for a fluid object to keep its texture pre and post simulation?) and keep everything as Quads (again is it possible for a liquid sim not to turn everything into Tris as it calculates it?).