Melting wax

I just had to do this.


Hm, while the “wax” suzanne is cool looking melted, it seems that the wax didn’t really melt anywhere. You need more of a puddle of melted wax, unless this was melted a time before, but then there would still be dried melted wax. Good concept, but add some more melty-ness :smiley:

Yeah it was just the fluid simulator set to honey. True wax would make a puddle.

Could it be that you set fluid in the sim to be “Init Shell” instead of “Init Volume” or “Init Both”? “Init Shell” only gives you an amount of fluid equal to the hollow shell of the mesh which might explain why you didn’t get a puddle.

the problem comes from the fact that wax has a different viscosity at different tempretures and you can only use one viscosity in a single simulation.