Même pas morte _ live performance using Blender GE

“Même pas morte” is a french performance are on stage since january 2010. I finally get one small video that I wanted to share with you :
The puppet is made and realtime rendering in Blender 3D, then get inside VDMX (threw MXO2 mini) for final compositing and synchronisation with 2D video and decor. All the show is controlled and trig via a MAXMSP patch and OSC. Most movement of the puppet are just trigged, but we keep all along the show control on head and faces shapekeys. lipsync is sync to sound of the puppet voice.
One documentation (mostly french ^^) and source code (except animation) will be release in a few, end of september at least.

Fantastic! Congratulations! Can’t wait for more details about this project. Please tell us more (when you have time) about which movements are realtime controlled and which movements are not realtime controlled :stuck_out_tongue:



wow! Ca c’est du bon boulot ! that’s a realy nice job !

I like the theatrical principle (mise en scene) and the acting/animations of the puppet is realy nice.
The style is also interesting…
This is not a common project… ! bravo !