Memento mori

I created a still life on the theme of transience of time and the inevitability of death.
Modeling in Blender, texturing in Substance Painter.


Hi Anzor, I really like this study. The materials and lighting are great and overall, to enhance the atmosphere, I feel that it can be improved a bit. For example add some soft rays and some dust in the air, not too much but just to soften the the general sharpness. Then the cloth can have some torn edges or some lacework pattern. I would even try a bit of DoF effect.

Thank you! What about this?

Well, the direction is good and you get the idea but this kind of effect should be very subtle to work, not heavy. I hope it s not a problem I tested this on my own.


You did a very cool job! Do you mind if I post your version in my portfolio for artstation?

Sure! Let’s have a look :slight_smile:

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