Memes, the game

Hi, this is the new project i’m working on, more infos on the blog:

(I’m italian but i tried to translate almost everything in english, so please don’t be too severe :wink: )

lol ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) looks like a cool game

Looks great already :slight_smile:

Added new weapons and heads.

And a 3d nyan cat :wink:

Simple tutorial system :slight_smile:

lol ^ thats funny.

and I thought the cake was a lie :smiley:

@@J.F.Robot ahahah, the cake is coming soon, i’m working on the first level right now :slight_smile:

rofl man, this looks like an amazing game :smiley: Cant wait to try it! I call for a beta version :smiley:

A badger! :open_mouth:

The badger can do the dougie! haha sweet man!

haha funny stuff. great work. keep it coming :slight_smile:

New post:
I created a complete minigame, did some bugfixing and an healt system for the main character.

Here’s the video showing the first minigame:

Nice minigame, looks fun :slight_smile:

Weebl would be proud. :wink:

I think this is an interesting game, I like the comedy contained in it. Any news about this one? I hadn’t seen updates at the blog also.

Lol it looks like a fun game haha,congratz man keep it up bro!