memories: fiat 500

crossposting with my sketchbook, but i thought its nice to show it here too… this was meant as a modeling exercise, to learn the tools of blender. so far i mainly sculpted, and with this project i wanted make the effort to enhance my skill set … lol…

I think you have made the crossover quite nicely.
Looking forward to more from you.

hi thanks antthony :slight_smile: … ah, i don’t think i will model more cars, i am not a car person, but used this topic only because it seems perfect for learning the modeling tricks… but, of course, i plan to use what i learned on my many portraits then…, clothes, props, etc…

Nice work. Great modeling. Ohh big fan of your sculpting work.

thank you ludovic :slight_smile:

Hi doris, really good modeling and i think it deserves a better render. (and also a nicer background image ;-). maybe an old italian alley) Greets Johannes

yes johal, you are right… but, the background is related to the memories, so i would not change that… lol,better render, yes i should work on that…

It looks awesome. :slight_smile: Lovely hard surf modeling. The env is not that good though, as said in the previous posts. Its a bit too bright and it just doesnt seem real…

I suggest you to just model the whole env… It may not seem fun at start (or easy) but Youll learn a lot and your image will look a lot better. You can never get around easy with full images as background env.. its just so hard to match it.

Here are some nice env I found just to get the feel of it. (stone road, old painted walls, rusty stuff, stoned walls, etc… ) I wish you luck if you want to continue this. The car looks great anyway. (If you are going farther with this, you may consider adding a more complex shader for the car paint)
ref 1

hi alin, your references are all great, but you see, my model was made for a memory, and in this memory and the only foto i have from this time, it stands on a road like on the image i rendered, rather isolated, only the houses at the horizon were different… see?..
but definitely, i will take your advise about background better be modeled for future projects, and not just put a hdri there. thanks a lot for taking the time to find all these great references!

For a modelling exercise, this is great! :smiley: Actually, you could probably get it to work with that first image there, try turning up it’s contrast (see how the car is nicely contrasted but the background isn’t?) That way you could preserve the memories but make it look better :stuck_out_tongue: Great work doris!

Pretty cool little car. But background and shadow looks CG, but you already were told that. Materials and shaders lookr realistic, metal like and that is great, because I see lots of plasticcars.

thank you stopsecret, yes i can try contrast before rendering new… and thank you joseconseco, good to know the metal reads as metal :slight_smile: