Hello, this is my latest work “Memories”.

Hope you like it.

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/ Dan

that thing will go straight to the gallery!!

reminds me of the pirates of the carrabian (boot strp bill!).

nokirar: Thank you very much.

LoonieToon: I was inspired of the pirates, so I’m glad it reminded you of PotC.

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/ foCus

Whoa! Great textures! 5*s!

That is pretty cool. It does look like its from Pirates of the Carribian.

Wanted Bob

Alden: Thanks you :slight_smile:

Wanted bob: thanks.

I was trying to get a feeling that he’s longing for the old times, like his wife and children, wondering where they are or what they are doing.

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oh, saw that the highres. wasn’t so highres…:stuck_out_tongue:

Updated so now it’s highresolution.


three stars, thanks. Any C&Cs to improve this image are much appreciated.

Very nice. I like the water drops on face.
Could you add little bit more contrast between the jacket and sky?

Certainly the concept, of a face and a hand with nothing else, set into a visually interesting although almost-dark background, is to me an utterly inspired treatment of the subject. Brilliant.

The overall composition is extremely strong. The hand looks good, the expression is very strong, and the fact that the eyes are looking far away is very good. Also, you’ve got a terrific texture going there, with excellent and subdued use of specular highlight. Looks like there’s a little bit of red color hitting the underside of the fingers: an excellent and important touch since that really brings out that shape. This is a textbook for three-point lighting.

It’s also terrific that you’ve got the seaweed-like stuff suggesting teardrops in two key places. The skin-texture is also superb for the intended purpose.

There are, in short, many elements that are working together very powerfully here … to make … art. Well done. Well done.

Otto Salminen: thanks, well I can try that, thanks.

sundialsvc4: Thank you very much glad you liked it :slight_smile: