A short piece, i made in an hour or two, then spent some time tweaking colours and reflection settings. Its open to interpretation I always find it intresting how differently ppl interpret abstract pieces. The pics on the cubes are of my girlfriend and myself. We broke up cause the distance thing wasn’t working with University, but i decided to make one last piece comprised of the pics of us that i had, ie. memories of us together.
I’m really intrested in what you guys/girls think of it, either technically artisticly, or emotionally.
-No yafray,
-Ambient Occlusion,
-About 30 min to render

woa! nice piece of artwork you got there. I defently feel emotion in this. i get a happy filling though…but it then turns sad as it gets to the blue cubes. casue the cubes look like there melting. i really like it great job.