Memory Boxes

Hey guys and girls :slight_smile:
I wanted to show off my work, so i came to you.
This is my first ever scene. I did do some modelling before, but nothing that involved the actual rendering and lighting.

When i started working on this it was a homage to my girlfriend, who died two months ago from a hearth attack. it had pictures of her and messages to her in it.
I didn’t want to publish such personal photos, so for you i replaced the photo’s with vacation pictures.

Here’s the render i made for you guys:

I call them memoryboxes.
I am specifically proud of the carvings in the wood.
some details:

Please let me know what you guys think of my first blender scene :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear about your gf.
But the scene is quite nice for a beginner. Just something I would add is some glossyness to the material of the images because they look a bit flat at the moment.

Keep on blendin’!

thank you for this response :slight_smile:
I agree that the images look flat, though that’s partially solved in the back by the depth of field.
It was my first intention to make the pictures a little more glossy (and slightly reflective),
but it didn’t make a real difference. I am now trying out some different light setups, cause i also want small shadow at the foot of each box. They’re kinda floating, especially the front one. I’ll try to incorporate the new gloss :slight_smile:
Thank you for the feedback, and know that i will keep blendin’ :slight_smile:

Nice scene. I am assuming those carvings are normal maps or bump maps. :slight_smile:

though it was my original intention to map the carvings, after some experimenting i found that it just didn’t create the exact same quality. In this one i didn’t want to sacrifice quality for processing speed, so i took the scene i used to render a bumpmap, and continued working on it to create the complete scene. so the carvings are actual geometry. made the computer run slow while editing the scene, but i think it was worth it in the end. :slight_smile:

HI, nice first scene. Sorry about your gf too. I agree with you on carvings : sometimes you need vertices :slight_smile: Good blending.