Memory could not be "written"

Got a problem here.

Got a model I have been working on.
The problem is now after I created the hands I cannot render the image no more
Just keeps on running into a fatal error.
So I imported the model into a new image. Same thing.
Then I deleted the fingers
Now it works.
So I thought there must be something odd about it and I deleted the fingers and created one new one.

Now it wont render again.
Move the finger to a seperate file and it works fine.

So then I tested and moved only the fingers into a new file.
Then it works.

The exact error is
The instruction at “0X007fa4df” referenced memory at “0x000000000”. The memory could not be “written”

Then I thought that it cant be the fingers.
So I deleted them and did a test render and it worked.

Then I added a cube and it worked.
Then I deleted the cube and added a uv sphere with the standard 32 setting.
Then it crashes again.

Could this be that the image I have made is too large for my computer to render?

Its a P4 3 Dual core with 1.5Gb Ram and a 256mb ATI

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Tested on my laptop and here it works.
Seems to me that it must just be running out of memory on
that machine. But is that correct? And if, how can I calculate
the memory needed for a specific size model?

Blender tells you in the header how much memory it is using, to the right of the vert/face count values. How many polys are in your model, anyway?

Seems like a RAM issue to me. My first guess is that you ran out of RAM for the render, next would be a glitch if you’re using a svn build of blender, next would be problems with your hardware. Those are just guesses, though.

erm… How do you check the poly count.

Got this from the render screen
Ve: 376744 and

Yea thats pretty much what I thought
Strange though that my Laptop is only a 1.8 Dual core with 2GB ram & 256Mb Ati

Downloaded it from the blender site. Didnt know that you can get it via SVN.

Also saw if I up the res to 1200 x 1500 then it crashed on my laptop too.
Gonna have to upgrade :slight_smile:

You might want to run memtest – it’s possible your desktop machine has some buggy RAM and Blender is hitting it.

So I checked around a bit more cause I could just not get it to work.
Turns out the subsurf on 4 is just too great. Set that down to 3 and set
the render parts x and y both to 10. Now it works:D

And check it.All my hardwork didnt go to waste. Whoo hoo! :yes:
Still have lots to do before my iron man is complete.
Plus I kinda screwed up on the arm. But it can be fixed

But I will get there.