memory efficient grass in cycles....

Any way of doing this?, the problem using particles is, on any reasonable size patch of grass you have to use about 1000000 with children to get it to look right, which uses far too much vram.

I’ve tried making a mesh object of a small patch and using duplifaces, which does use only about 200 mb for a very large area. but it’s not really usable, because you get a tiled effect and you can’t use it on any sort of curved slope.


how do you make your grass in cycles?

Maybe you should not use so many children and increase the number of parent particles.

It would take longer to simulate, but I guess it would be easier on the memory side.

I usually model a couple of different blades of grass, group them and instance them with a particle system, like you do. If it consumes too much memory I usually weight paint the ground where the grass grows and use that as a density map in the particle system. Vertices closer too the camera will have a higher density than vertices further away. Then the patch of grass looks really dense up close while maintaining a reasonably amount of memory consumption.