Memory indicator in render window

Hi guys, i know it’s a simple question but i haven’t found any answer in the wiki so:
what are the 2 memory indicators in the render window staying for?

what i mean is why they are two instead of one? One is the memory used to store different parts of your complete scene, isn’t it? So what about the second one?

Best I can tell the first number is the current working memory for your scene (ie the memory used by all the objects) the second number I think is the Render buffer. If you increase the dimensions of your render output the second number will increase, while the first number stays the same. However, this is just a guess based on my own observations. I cannot find any documentation that describes the second memory value.

Yes, the wiki lacks in that part.
I’ve thought the first could be the vertices storage and the second one it could be the textures memory usage but it’s only my supposition.

No one can explain that?

From the source (check renderwin.c -> make_renderinfo_string()):
1st value = memory in use (RAM)
2nd value = memory in use (MMAP)

1st value + 2nd value = total value

And MMAP stands for what? MipMap?

mmap = memory mapping

i.e. disk space is used to store stuff that won’t fit into ram that easily or so. This allows for more data to be rendered.

wiki updated

oh… thank you all guys and PapaSmurf for your hard work on the wiki!

memory problem or blender has alzeimer problem LOL

i tough that blender could used up to 1.5 GB in memory
and your saying now that it still need to do memory swapping to the disk

darn why they don’t incdrease it to 3 BG if available to minimize it ?