Memory issues


I have sometimes troubles with large scenes (with many high resolution textures).
While rendering on GTX 1080ti, sometimes it writes “out of memory” and does not render.

My question is -do you think that more RAM will help this issue (I have 16gb RAM now, 1080ti has 11gb VRAM). or only solution is graphic card with more memory?

thanks for any help

One solution is to optimize. Objects that are far away doesn’t need 4k+ textures and displacements. Applying modifiers, balancing amount of subsurface with desired aesthethics, sometimes rendering separeted objects and compositing after, they all contribute to hardware resource managment. The other solution is to spent money. Use high quality assets for all models that are near the camera, for all others you can reduce the amount of vertices (Edit Mode > Edge > Un-Subdivide) and texture resolution you can reduce with a image editor. Also converting to JPEG reduce a lot of memory consuption. Game engines do all that automatic, you will need to make it happen manually.

thanks for help and tips.
Unfortunately I optimize a lot, but still this is sometimes an issue.
What would help me to know, if graphics with bigger VRAM is needed or if this can be solved with RAM.

It is also for the near future - when graphics card will be available, I will need to decide if RTX 3090 will be much better choice than RTX 3080 (and 64gb ram at least). Or if 3080 will be enough

Try hybrid rendering utilizing the cpu and system’s RAM. The easiest way to upgrade is to add more RAM, i.e. doubling it. Ex. if you have 2x8gb, 2x8 more from exactly the same RAM. Could mention the rest of your system?

Hi Alfons,

You may want to check and adjust your OS virtual ram which can boost virtual VRAM for your GPU. See solutions proposed here:

Good luck and happy blending!

hello, I have 7700k CPU. It is getting old and hot… I have it underclocked and undervolted even on AIO cooler to get normal temperatures.
When I will be able to buy a new PC a will do it.
But I am not sure if 3090 is worth it, or if 3080 will be enough. 3080 has 10gb of VRAM, my 1080ti has 11gb of VRAM. 3090 has 24gb VRAM so I know it is much better. But if 3080 and enough RAM would do the work, I will be happy to save some money :slight_smile: (benchmarks shows that 3080 is almost as fast as 3090 for half price)

That’s not true any more. A 3080, if you can find one, costs almost the same as the 3090 and the 3090 is generally easier to find (if you’re willing to pay almost 3000$…)

Did you try hybrid rendering? That’s the easiest way to address RAM issues.

If you want to upgrade the rest of your rig it’s not a bad time to do it. I recently upgraded my CPU, motherboard, RAM and SSD’s and I’m very happy with the performance I got.

thank you very much! i did not tried hybrid rendering and it seems like the best solution for now!
About my PC - I do not want upgrade, but I am considering getting a pre-build PC (with 3080 or 3090), because it is the only way how to get graphics card for normal price (pre-build PC’s with 3080 are considerably cheaper than with 3090 - at least here in Czech).

I’m with you. The same here in Greece too. But let’s take an example with actual branded PC’s. Which one of these two would you pick, if you, let’s say, was ready to invest some money right now?
This one for 2900€, or this one for 3500€? If I could, I would definitely go for the 2nd one, and not only for the gpu.

In this case the 2nd one is a better choice for me too. Here in Czech there is a company who build their own pre-builds and the difference is bigger: Alza BattleBox Core RTX3080 Quiet - Herný PC | or (
HP Omen with intel CPU has some overheating issues (due to reviews).
Dell Aurora R10 (ryzen edition) seems also interesting choice.
But maybe the best way is to wait a few months and then build normal PC for normal price :slight_smile:

You are right, the second one seems better to me too, but OMEN’s has some overheating issues. I am considering Dell Aurora R10 (ryzen edition), but maybe I will just wait for “normal” PC.
Anyway I will try hybrid rendering (never used it before), it may be the best for me now :wink: thank you for help

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The price is so ridiculously good (imagine that most 3090’s cost around 3000$ these days), that I would consider buying the OMEN and move the whole system to a new chassis with my preferred cooling solution… :slightly_smiling_face:



but maybe you could wait with buying a new GPU (because of the RTX-4000 Series that will have around 50-70% performance increase) … and they willl get more VRAM (maybe DDR7 - but that’s not official)

variant 1:

If you use a “Windows”-workstation it’s possible to “share” RAM as “VRAM” (so called “dedicated”- and “shared”-RAM (in the Task-Manager)) …

For example I upgraded the RAM of my secondary Workstations (which I use just for building scenes, modeling, …), because when our server was used I render some smaller projects on these ones … I had the problem that there was not enough VRAM for Blender (when rendering complex scenes or in higher resolutions like 12K (for detailed-preview)) …

=> l 16-core + 32 GB (2x8+2x8) + RTX-2000
=> l 16-core + 80 GB (2x8+2x32) + RTX-2000

While I had the feeling that just 4 GB of RAM could be used as VRAM before (even it says that it would be possible to share 16 GB) it shared up to 16 GB of RAM in some “not low-poly” scenes …

! ! ! BUT ! ! !
RAM (mostly DDR4 at the time) can provide “just” 40-50 GB per second … while the internal GPU “RAM” (called “VRAM”) has datarates from 192 GB/s (GTX-1060), over 335 GB/s (RTX-2060), up to 936 GB/s (RTX-3090) … this means that sometimes the card won’t be able to be as fast as possible, because it takes longer to get the data, than to process it …

=> (so when two card have the same “power” - but one has less memory and has to use the RAM as VRAM - it will slow down your rendertimes some times … I compared the RTX-2080-Ti with the RTX-3060-Ti … these card have “the same” performance … but because of VRAM “problems” the rendering on the RTX-2080-Ti took only half the time compared to the RTX-3060-Ti)

variant 2:

an other thing would be - checking render-algorythm settings …

When rendering Simulations (resolution “512” or higher) - I always got “Optix-rendering-error … out of memory” … When switching from “OptiX” to normal “CUDA” there was no problem …

variant 3:

rendering on “GPU + CPU”

this way the whole stuff has be accesable to the CPU too … that means that everything has to be in the RAM memory, too …

! ! ! BUT ! ! !

(This can increase RAM ussage, because it’s not “just an extension” to the VRAM!)

(People with 16 GB of RAM could also try to render just on GPU … this could “relieve” your generell RAM usage…)

and in case someone needs renderhelp (in case this didn’t work):
check-out “TNWBG-Studio” on Fiverr …
(we will render it for free)

(“for free” = only the electricity costs have to be covered)

I hope someone can profit from this…

(If there are any questions - I will try to answer them … )

Have a great day and keep using Blender :wink: ,
Nico Weiberg

thanks Nico very much for detailed info