Memory keeps increasing in my ram, untill it all lags out.

Hey guys i had this scene, a dragon, sculpted in blender, and it has a multi mesh modifier…

when ever i edit in the mesh, and go back, theres a 500MB memory added in the memory as i can see in the task manager. each and everytime i do that it keeps adding…

Whats going on? So frustrating :mad: :rolleyes:

It might help if you would share your blend file so others can try to find out whats wrong with it (using dropbox or so to share)

Hi, working on huge meshes creates a lot of undo memory, try to limit it in User Preferences > Editing.
I did not try this, it is only guessing.
How many polys do you have in this scene?

Cheers, mib.

Omg, it happens to every object. not only for my dragon model…

I started a new scene entered the default cube, edited a little bit, memory goes up… if i keep presing tab on and off, i can see in the task manager the memory usage goes up every time i do that 0.o …

Im not sure if its just for me or maybe its the way it is but… it really kills the memory, dont u think?

mib2berlin, You are absolutely right, i understand blender has to keep all the changes that i do each and every time. So i believe i found the answer thanks to you.

I limited the undo for 5, since its a big object. and it doesnt increase the memory upto some level :slight_smile:

Thanks again