Memory leak with newer Nvidia Geforce drivers, on GTX 680M laptop graphics card

Blender 2.80, Eevee and Cycles crashes.
I have trusted an old version of the drivers, ever since I observed years ago, that newer drivers for my card cause memory leaks and crashes.
These past couple days I have tried to upgrade to newer drivers again, thinking that maybe things had changed, whoever the culprit: either Nvidia or Blender, since Nvidia has issued plenty since and maybe Blender 2.8 or Eevee, performed differently.
I tested extensively with several versions. In all cases the problems were similar: what most describe as a memory leak: after using a while navigating in Eevee in viewport render mode, or tweaking materials in same mode, or when rendering in Cycles, the symptoms were additive, the machine gradually gets slower & slower, then crashes and after the crash the video memory remains full until nvidia eventually forces a restart of the driver, some time later on.

  • MSI G70 0NE (clone named Hyrican) / MSI 1762 mobo / CPU i7-3630QM / GPU nvidia GTX 680M / 20GB RAM - (old but going strong)
  • Windows 7 X 64 pro

The old and reliable is driver version 368.81
And I tried all the following with similar crash problems:
417.71, 419.67, 425.31
There may off course be some good ones in between 368 and 417… but I need some kind of reasoning since I don’t have time to just test them all.

Though I wonder whether I am missing something in new features or speed, I have no choice since one works the others don’t ! While the old and trusted is really rock-solid !
I am wondering if any registry or NVIDIA settings could be used with the new drivers (I tried a few), to get the newer drivers to work. (btw I have set TDRdelay to 1000, using REGEDIT, in all cases)

Anyone had similar experience?