Memory problem in VSE?

So far I have this character I want to test form speech animations and I have just imported a short sound file into VSE.

The crubbing is suuuper slow and laggy. Backwards scrubbing is sort of fine, but forward scrubbing is 2 frames pause/lag 2 more frames pause/lag etc, with the occasional hickup freeze.
It is useless and frustrating.

I have 32gb ram, 4096 in the general cache, just over 300 frames in total of sound, single character in scene, no rendering in viewports 10k polygons to animate, i.e. nothing heavy at all.

All I want to do is to animate by sound. Is this a memory problem or aren’t the default settings in Blender good enough for such a task? I have never had any need to “boost” settings before this, and nothing works.

Never mind… I dug and found that my character had HAIR on a hidden scalp, and the hair killed the framerate :stuck_out_tongue: