Memory problem - Separate Multi-Layer EXR into individual render layers?

Unfortunately the computer with the most RAM available to me has only 4GB, and I believe that I have hit a memory limitation in compositing (of all places!). I have 3 render passes to composite, however they are all stored in the same multilayer EXR - so I need to have 3 image nodes in the compositor which currently means 3 with the same very large EXR file. The memory usage says it is pretty much at 4Gb when I have two loaded. When I add the third, I got sporadic crashing, and it became impossible to open the file.

Any ideas on how to potentially separate the layers out of the EXR? Or any other suggestions?

I don’t understand why you would need to import it 3 times? Don’t you have all Passes from The Multilayer EXR if you import it one time?

(maybe i don’t understand your question to it’s full extend…)