memory project

i wanted to create the original 2d mario in blender from memory it didnt turn out to bad but for some reason i couldnt get the correct colour for the bricks also if you can find the proper colour for the bricks it would be a great help

If I am correct the colour of the bricks have a hex value of d39315. Correct me if I am wrong.

thank you i looked everywhere for the colour i used samples from images but couldnt find it :smiley:

hey, that’s an interesting render there.
mario’s back!:smiley:
good luck on more progress.

I think something you have overlooked is the fact that in Mario, the clouds are EXACTLY the same as the bushes. There never were any hills in the background for the original. The only difference is that the bushes were green, and the clouds were white. Other than that, exactly the same thing (it was to save space…).

The bricks seem to have something a bit not right about them. It is not the colour, something else…