Memory Reduction on High poly models.

It’s Great to be back,i wanted to know something since i downgraded from
a high end pc to a low end pc.
Now this is based on memory problems… What do i do if my High low poly model
eats(takes) alot of memory as i blend. i cant blend properly simply because i have
a complex model that iam working with.

  • so now what can i do to reduce the memory consumption on that model iam working on?
    (working on wire frame aint gonna help)

Any Reply’s,

Hide parts of it with the H key. So select the irrelevant faces and press H.
Faces are only invisble in edit mode
You can unhide them with alt+h

Is this related to the GE?

hand decimate,

any large area that can be filled with a single large 4 SIDED or 3 SIDED polygon, make it so

Ok Right , so i have to (press H) and (alt H) to un hide what is hidden.

speaking of polygons i am not so sure if my model is 4 sided or 3 sided but
my model has a lot of vertices. (its a car 1970 charger).

Hiding faces just makes them invisible. It does not decrease the required amount of memory.

If you aim for a game, you should go for a low detailed mesh anyway. You can ‘simulate’ details with good textures.