Memristors :D

Awesomeness all around, HP have managed to make something called a “memristor”.

It’s a massive step forwards. It’s an analogue component that has a memory of its history. When you push current through it one way the resistance decreases, and when pushed the other it increases. In this respect it shares some interesting properties with neural synapses.

I don’t know enough to properly explain it, read the article :slight_smile:

Solid state memory as fast as ram
Better & smaller transistors
Analogue computing
Neural network on a chip

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand begin discussion of singularity :stuck_out_tongue:

Another link:

I read about this this morning; it’s quite possibly the most interesting thing to come along in electronics since the invention of the transistor.

Time will tell… but it has the potential to be very cool.

Huzzah! Yet again man discovers that he doesn’t know everything, that there are still fundamental scientific advancements to be made. Like a world that keeps on expanding every time you think you have the entirety mapped to the very edges. Exciting stuff…

Those folks are sure clever.

Instant computer boot/shutdown times


Making windows lighter would allow you to boot your computer up quicker as well and wouldn’t hurt.

How nice would it be to turn on and an instant later it’s ready to go:D